Basic Download Instructions

NOTICE: If you are only interested in installing CUTS modeling tools, please go directly to the installation page.

The CUTS source code is freely available in open-source format. To provide quick and easy access to the source code, we have implemented a Python3 build engine that downloads the source code (both CUTS and third-party frameworks) required to build CUTS. You can download the build engine as follows:

%> svn co bczar

Once the build engine has been downloaded, you can download all source files using the following commands:

%> --prefix=PATH --include=CUTS download

Use the --help option to print usage information.


Advanced Download Instructions

If you require more controlled download and configuration, then you can manually download the CUTS source code from its Subversion repository at the following location:

Username: anonymous
Password: anonymous

After downloading CUTS, you can either follow the brief instructions on building and installing CUTS or refer to the user's manual for a more comprehensive set of instructions.


Trusted Developer Access

If you are a trusted developer, you can access the Subversion repository using the https:// protocol as follows: