CUTS Modeling Tools for CoSMIC

System Requirements

The following are the miminal system requirements for installing the CUTS modeling tools.



Click the link below to download and install the CUTS modeling tools for CoSMIC.

Filename File size Last Updated MD5
CUTS_CoSMIC.msi (Nightly Build) 8.5 MB January 02 2015 18:11:12 bd6e0e64adeb76e012d98c65553d8a02


Verifying the Installation

Once the installation is complete, the CUTS interpreter will apprear as a scissor icon in the interpreter toolbar for PICML projects.


CUTS Runtime Architecture and Analysis Tools

You can quickly build the runtime architecture, analysis tools, and all its third-party libraries using the build engine script described on the download page. Using the same script, just execute the following command:

%> --prefix=PATH --include=CUTS build

Use the --help option to print usage information.


Advanced Installation Instructions

System Requirements

The following are the minimal system requirements for installing the CUTS building and installing the CUTS runtime architecture.


Building and Installing

Use the follow steps to build and install the CUTS runtime architecture:

  1. Set the environment variable CUTS_ROOT=<path_to_CUTS>.

  2. Set/update the environment variables below based on your target build platform:

    Windows: PATH=%PATH%;%CUTS_ROOT%/bin;%CUTS_ROOT/lib  
  3. Copy $CUTS_ROOT/default.features.tmpl to $CUTS_ROOT/default.features and determine what features located in $CUTS_ROOT/default.features are needed to build your version of CUTS.

  4. Run the Makefile, Project, Workspace Creator (MPC) utility on $CUTS_ROOT/CUTS.mwc using the following command:

    %> $ACE_ROOT/bin/ [command-line args] CUTS.mwc
  5. Build the generated workspace with the target build tool and you are ready to go.


Verifying the Installation

Once the build is complete, all shared libraries will be installed in $CUTS_ROOT/lib, and executable binaries will be installed in $CUTS_ROOT/bin.